About Us

From humble beginnings in 1954, when Georges Sansoucy founded the company, SNOC has grown steadily to become the largest Canadian manufacturer of cast aluminum exterior residential and commercial lighting fixtures. The company is today the only North American outdoor lighting manufacturer manufacturing locally, from A to Z under one roof. Products SNOC occupy a place of choice among the best lighting specialists and illuminate North American homes from coast to coast.

The craftsmen of SNOC, who have an average of 15 years of experience, are dedicated to flawless product design and customer satisfaction. Their primary concern is to establish a climate of trust and to build a lasting relationship with all our partners.

SNOC is a true manufacturing company. Everything from design, through production, to shipping the products, is done within the same enclosure. The company therefore enjoys great autonomy and complete control over the quality of its products. long before " Quality " and " Services do not become buzzwords, SNOC had made these two elements the basis of the company. For each of us at SNOC, in each of our decisions and each of our actions, quality and service are essential criteria. We can thus offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our aluminum products and ensure a manufacturing time of approximately 10 working days, regardless of the complexity.

SNOC is, for its customers, the supplier par excellence of cast aluminum luminaires for any outdoor residential application. We offer a complete line of products including landscape lighting fixtures, mailboxes, address plaques and a multitude of complementary accessories. The particular attention that we bring to the design of each of our products ensures you exclusive models, of a sure taste and a great durability.